Untitled Space Game – Episode 2: More like C Dull, amiright??

Weekly update on space game project – I’ve developed the core concept a bit more in xmind format, and decided I was ready to roll on to step 3 (because who needs ordinal lists?) and begin to prototype some of the basic systems involved. I figured I would start with the ship interface, and step number one was to lay out the basic hierarchy and variables for what that even entails.

For starters, I’ve decided that the ship will essentially be laid out into a square grid, the dimensions of which are a “character” wide. The very core components I need are:

  • A ship class
    • A grid class that contains info about each grid tile
  • A character class
    • Knows how to move around between grid tiles

After much wrangling of Unity objects and planning of eventual organizational flows, I got it in some semblance of a working prototype, after many hours of struggling with even the most basic C# syntax and unity APIs. It’s definitely been slow-going, but I feel like I’m dusting off the old C# cobwebs some and starting to get back into a groove. There’s definitely a “R&D/Refresh my Programming” phase of this I’m going to need to factor in though. It’s also a good reminder that while I list scripting and programming on my resume, and do in fact have a decent amount of background in it, I am in a lot of ways quite rusty, and I should really take this as a learning opportunity if I hope to apply those skills to my next job.

Part of what is making this tough, I think, is that I am still recovering from a flu (or some similar plague) that knocked me out for several days (including hastening my departure from PAX south – I only was there 5 hours before I had to call it quite and drive back home). Today I’ve felt mostly better aside from congestion and a cough, but I won’t claim my head is 100% in the game. That seems to be the pattern with sickness – you approach total wellness asymptotically, and there’s never a single day where you wake up and suddenly everything is back to 100%. So in the meantime you just soldier on at reduced capacity and energy. I guess in a way taking those steps is probably what gets you the rest of the way there.

So in that vein, while I am not making a ton of tangible progress, I do feel like I’m picking the pace back up and learning along the way. The next micro-step will be to refine the movement so that characters move from grid tile to grid tile, and then maybe to add a second character and make them selectable.

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