New-ish Year Re-resolutions

On Jan 2 I wrote:

“I want to make some resolutions for myself for 2015:

  1. Write at least once a week on here, even if it’s nothing major.
  2. Spend at least 1 night a week working on side projects, likely in Unity. (Bonus – combine 1 and 2 by writing about the side projects)
  3. Work out at least twice a week. This is a habit I’ve really gotten out of after my son was born, and I notice a difference in just general energy levels and evenness of mood.
  4. Take my son to some activities, at least a couple times each month, now that he’s getting old enough to go out and do things.”

Let’s see how I’ve fared 18 days later:

  1. Well, this one’s obviously a bust. This is my first post since then. So call it… 33% successful so far, I guess.
  2. Batting 50% on this one. I have monkeyed around with Unity and spent some time formulating a project, but not very much. My excuse has been I will have plenty of time for that after I no longer am going into work…
  3. I’m batting closer to 80% on this, I have had several good workouts. Room for improvement still, but not too bad overall.
  4. We’ve been going to the park on days that it’s nice, so that’s something. I would still like to do something a little more special at some point. I’d give myself a 75% on this.

I guess the unspoken 5th resolution of “find a damn job” is also unfulfilled so far. But with all these there is still concrete steps to be taken, which is the important thing. Layoffs are a weird rollercoaster of emotion and motivation, and finding consistency in all that feels difficult, but I can continuously recommit to my plans – after all, the only one grading me is myself.

Going forward, I want to make an amendment to the first item – write at least once every 2 weeks specifically about my forays into Unity, and my design process as I progress in my projects. It seems like half the time I sit down to write, there’s just so many divergent topics I could cover I don’t know where to begin, and the blank page is creatively stifling. So I’m aiming to write about the more narrowly constrained topic of development.

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