Welcome 2015

2015 will most certainly be, for me at least, a year of many changes. The most obvious, and at the moment worry-inducing, change is that I will need to find a new job. I have until January 22nd to be officially employed at Edge of Reality still, at which point me and another 10 employees are left to fend for ourselves. The timing of these layoffs has been… less than ideal, the news coming as it did a few days before Christmas. It’s certainly cast a shadow on the end of an otherwise very good year, and in a way I wish I had been able to remain ignorant through the holidays and be able to actually relax and enjoy myself more, since I already sorely needed a vacation.

I’ve done a little bit of preparation to search for jobs, including putting word out on the twitbooks, and updating my resume. The timing is awkward as well because I’ve been unable to contact anyone I know working at studios around town, since all their offices are closed for the holidays, but that’s something I intend to pursue in earnest starting next week. Also on the mental checklist of things to do is update this site to include links to my resume, linkedin, etc. I might try and put together some form of demo reel or portfolio, although showing the design process is difficult to to visually, and might just amount to me describing problems I faced and how I tackled them, in a sort of post-mortem style here on this blog.

In the end I think this layoff will be a good thing for me, since it will allow me to finally work elsewhere. I’ve been at Edge over 7 years now, which is frankly too long to be a designer at a studio which relies on ports and has little proclivity or need for good design. I understand that designers always face constraints, and working around those often leads to more creative outputs, not less, but it would be nice to work for a place where one of the constraints it not “convince everyone constantly that designing things, as a concept, is even important”. It seems clear looking at successful studios that they put a heavy emphasis towards the player engagement, and have a constant eye towards how to craft fun and deep experiences. I want to be somewhere like that, and while I’ve been on a kind of slow-burn search for a while now, this layoff has really forced my hand and caused that search to take a much higher priority. Of course, I still have to go in for the next month or so…

One final note, seeing as how it’s a new year and people tend to do these kinds of things, I want to make some resolutions for myself for 2015:

  1. Write at least once a week on here, even if it’s nothing major.
  2. Spend at least 1 night a week working on side projects, likely in Unity. (Bonus – combine 1 and 2 by writing about the side projects)
  3. Work out at least twice a week. This is a habit I’ve really gotten out of after my son was born, and I notice a difference in just general energy levels and evenness of mood.
  4. Take my son to some activities, at least a couple times each month, now that he’s getting old enough to go out and do things.

So the year is not starting on a high note, but I feel confident I can make the best of it and in the end 2015 can be my best year yet!

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