Moved the Site

After a lengthy hiatus, and a habitual tendency to not update the site I was paying hosting fees for, I decided to keep the domain and move over to a free wordpress blog. This will be where I collect thoughts about games, industry, politics, life. Whatever strikes my fancy, I suppose.

I’ve gotten out of the habit over the years of writing regularly, except in my capacity as a designer at Edge. I’m hoping to reverse that trend and collect my thoughts on a variety of subjects, both for the practice and also to help reduce my tendency to drive my wife crazy by talking about the same things over and over again with a zeal which she might not always share.

I will probably shy away from the more existential and meandering posts from my previous blogs, in part because I feel like I’ve found a worldview that works out alright for me and I’m not quite so desperate to find my way, and also because I would like to focus my efforts more on issues relevant to my life and my work. Long term, I would like to point this site out (or have those in search of me find it) as a repository on my design processes, thoughts on games, and general design “portfolio”, inasmuch as such a thing even makes sense. Wishful thinking isn’t terribly impressive, though, so the only way to flesh this out is to begin somewhere. So here we are… baby steps.

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